The Work of Christ


  • The Conclusion of the New Testament, Messages 63-78 presents a panoramic view of the work of Christ, including creation, His incarnation, His human living, His earthly ministry, His death, His burial, His resurrection, His ascension, His heavenly ministry, His ruling in the divine administration, His coming back, and His work in the millennium, after the millennium, and in eternity future in the New Jerusalem.
  • The Four Major Steps of Christ gives a brief sketch of Christ’s accomplishments in His work of incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension.
  • The Heavenly Ministry of Christ focuses on what Christ is doing in the present age in His heavenly ministry, including His work as Lord and Ruler, as the Head of the Body, as the Executor of the new covenant, and as our High Priest in the heavens.

Affirmation & Critique (A&C):

The July 1997 issue of Affirmation & Critique (II:3) is titled “The Processes of the All-inclusive Christ.” The following articles in this issue examine the steps in the accomplishment of Christ’s work:
  • The Incarnation and Human Living of the All-inclusive Christ,” by John Campbell, presents the incarnated God-man, Jesus Christ, in seven designations and examines His human living to manifest the Father.
  • The All-inclusive Death of Christ,” by Witness Lee, identifies crucial aspects of the all-inclusive death of the God-man, including the shedding of His blood, His being forsaken by God economically, and His sevenfold status in His death on the cross, paying particular attention to the significance of the blood and water which came from His side (John 19:34).
  • The Significance and Application of the Resurrection of Christ,” by John Pester, critiques the popular tendency to treat the resurrection in terms of its historicity and objective significance rather than in terms of the intrinsic significance of resurrection and its application to the believers.
  • The Ministry of Christ in His Ascension,” by Witness Lee, reviews the biblical record of the statuses into which Christ was inaugurated after His ascension and sixteen aspects of what He is doing today in His heavenly ministry.

Radio Broadcasts:

Ministry Excerpts

  • The All Inclusiveness of Christ’s Death: As a genuine and perfect man, Jesus Christ became the representative of the entire fallen human race. Thus, in His death He fully dealt with all of man’s problems, including Satan, sin, sickness, death, the world, and the fallen human nature. Jesus Christ died an all-inclusive death.
  • The Intrinsic Significance of the Resurrection of Christ: What is significant about the resurrection of Christ? In His resurrection, Christ was designated the Firstborn Son of God, the believers in Christ were regenerated to be the many sons of God, and Christ became the Life-giving Spirit.
  • In the Stage of His Ascension: In His ascension, Christ led captive those captured by Satan. All men had been captured by Satan. Yet, Christ defeated Satan, and now, we have been led captive in His ascension and offered to the Father.